About us - beXtrm

Who dictates fashion? Who sets trends? Who decides what to wear and what not to wear?  Designers propose, but in reality, it is you who has the final word and can make something become a trend.

beXtrm does not follow the established rules; it takes risks and commits to you finding your own style, one that defines you, one that shows that you are made of something different, that you live each second of your life with intensity, and that criticism only makes you stronger.

Sunglasses do not mean much on their own until someone brings them to life. With the right ones, you can dream with your eyes open and feel like the king of infinite space. Our mission is to help you express or shout out what you feel inside without seeking anyone else’s approval.

Life can be too boring if you watch it go by behind the same glasses or contact lenses. We want yours to be stunning, for you to show off the best you can and make it all worthwhile.

Leave your personal mark on our creations and find out that a good price does not mean sacrificing excellence. Do not let anyone take away your freedom to choose, according to your own criteria and not the opinions of that boring and silent majority. Do not follow the rules.